Creating a Service Culture

The Strategy is to introduce something new and fresh every 3 to 4 months. 


One Shot programs die after a few months. 

Continued training is the only way to

Create World-Class Service.

Coaching for Success Preview

We offer (6) 20 minute video based programs and The GOOD Idea Program all together online to develop a constant drive of organizational success.

Programs included​

  • Coaching and Managing

  • Handling Irate Customers

  • Loyal for Life

  • Empowerment

  • Retail Service

  • Moving Up and Setting Goals

  • GOOD Idea Campaign

How Do we keep it Simple?

- No Setup Required

- No Facilitator Needed

- Access from Anywhere, Anytime

- Customized web page and handouts

- Low cost per employee

- Good Ideas submitted to email of your choice

- Link and password to your Page - THAT'S IT

Recently Added

The GOOD Idea Campaign

We want your employees to take a fresh look to see if they can come up with at least one GOOD idea. Look first for improvements in their own area of responsibility, since they know their own job best.


GOOD ideas

  • Increase customer satisfaction

  • Improve quality and performance

  • Identify problems that cause errors or defects

  • Generate revenue

  • Reduce costs


Customer satisfaction and quality are crucial to keeping a healthy organization. You need their ideas about how you can continue to improve quality and performance.

How to implement our Online Customer Service Training Programs.


Management must drive a customer service training program continuously for all employees.

One shot programs die after a few months. Continued training is the only way to create world-class service.

When management is committed to customer service the result is a well-established infrastructure that yields

an organizational service culture.


Customer Service Training is key.

The strategy is to introduce something new and fresh every 3 to 4 months. This is a buffet program that allows your organization to have as much as you want of our technology, as fast as you want, WITHOUT LIMITS.

Coaching for Success

Begin with Coaching and Managing

As an effective coach, you must always know how your employees are performing and how to increase their level of performance. This program covers training, communicating, motivating, and recognizing employees for their skills and talents. Good employees start with good Coaches.


Coaches and Managers

Send your customized link and password to all your employees stating that your organization is developing a new service strategy designed to build a Service Culture and your participation is vital to the success of our business.


The following module is for suggestion purposes only.


For Frontline Employees

Retail Service

This program focuses on first impressions, positive communication and building a positive word-of-mouth for your organization. Following these steps will set the tone for the rest of your customer encounters and will avoid creating irate customers.


Handling Irate Customers

Everyone will have to deal with an irate customer from time to time, and usually it’s not your fault. This customer service training program shows you how to calm a customer and turn the situation around with a positive conclusion.



Every company should have a set of guidelines or rules it gives to their employees.

Empowerment gives employees authority to make quick, common sense decisions to solve customer problems.


Loyal for Life

Service recovery hinges on empowerment. Every company makes mistakes, it’s how we recover from them and keep a customer coming back time and time again.


Moving Up

This program is all about Moving Up and setting goals. It is a motivational program designed to increase motivation, development and overcoming obstacles.


Reinforce and repeat, keeping your employees in shape as if they were high performance athletes. The best and most economical solution is our Online Service Culture Training Plan.


Your investment covers unlimited use of all Service Quality Institutes’ online customer service training programs each year. This plan is for serious organizations about building a brand and a true service culture plan.

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Building a Service Culture by John Tschohl, President of Service Quality Institute

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