John Tschohl is President and Founder of Service Quality Institute, the global leader in customer service.


Organizations of all sizes  across the world use his approach to drive a service culture and implement a customer service strategy.

Organizations need to focus on creating a memorable Customer Experience. They have to learn to see themselves as service leaders - not as banks, hospitals, supermarkets, factories, or hotels.

To achieve this, the most critical skill is the ability to make your customers happy by developing a World Class Service Strategy.

For over 45 years, Service Quality Institute has provided customer service training programs and strategies to business’s all over the World.

We Create Service Cultures For Companies 

The problem with 1-shot customer service training programs,

however excellent, the results will die along with your investment. There is no product or program in the world, not

even ours, that will achieve results without a service strategy.


If your company is serious about the commitment to build a true customer service culture, what you need is a long-term action plan. There is no other way.


Building world-class service and a service culture demands that you keep employees motivated and trained continually. This means you need to introduce a new customer service training program every

3 to 4 months to avoid the downturns.

With our proven system and large collection of training programs, businesses are able to introduce a new program every 3 to 4 months helping you create a culture change, and sustain your business’s commitment to customer service excellence.


Your employees will benefit from the convenience of our Online Customer Service Training Programs that will help you drive the service culture. These programs will empower your employees, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. 

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